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Damis was a student and lifelong companion of Apollonius of Tyana, the famous Neopythagorean philosopher and teacher who lived in the early 1st up to the early 2nd century AD. All that we know about Damis comes from Apollonius' biographer Philostratus who wrote his Life of Apollonius of Tyana between 217 and 238. Some scholars believe the notebooks of Damis are an invention of Philostratus, others think it was a real book forged by someone else and used by Philostratus. And some scholars believe that Damis never existed at all.
Damis is our signature cat-eye. An alluring and seductive frame that oozes elegance. Handcrafted acetate frame fused with nickel hinges and rubber tipped screws. Lenses 100% UV UB protection, Australian & New Zealand standard. Comes with cruelty-free vegan leather pouch and cleaning cloth.


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