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We're now moving into a new phase with ENKI, and as a conscious brand, being earth-friendly is a priority, and we are doing the best we can to avoid harming our precious planet.

We have chosen to avoid using non-biodegradable tags and cases that end up in landfills, which threaten wildlife and nature. I.e., elastic tags printed with non-bio inks and hard plastic cases may look pretty and be convenient for our customers; however, in the long term, they are completely detrimental to our precious ecosystem because they do not break down. We choose the planet over convenience.

"The new ENKI Eco-Engineered Goods concept is inspired by the idea of beautiful accessories that don't harm the planet. Bali's extraordinary creativity and an edgy design philosophy, each bag, garment, and accessory is ethically crafted by local artisans from heavy-duty canvas thats been 100% naturally coloured from the bark and leaves of sustainably grown trees." This process gives the material an amazing texture and stone-washed look, making every piece completely unique, There are no two alike."

Founder: Jesse Walker

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