About ENKI

Jesse Walker ENKI EYEWEAR photo by Marisa Papen

Jesse Walker, Istanbul, Turkey, 2018. Photo by Marisa Papen

ENKI was founded in 2011 in Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia, in a little surfside apartment by self-taught artist, designer, and photographer Jesse Walker.

"ENKI embodies my passion and love for art, design, philosophy, and the ancient world, and of course uniqueness, and you can see through my earlier campaigns with Marisa Papen my most valued personal message of total liberation and total rebellion, regardless of the consequences, which is actually just thinking without any kind of programming or boundaries; or, in a way that doesn't suit authority and control, it's an extension of my attitude, which is to be completely free, original, and to do things differently, otherwise there's nothing unique or special about what you're doing." And it's also to be completely free—to not follow any kind of societal norms or cultural, traditional, religious, or governmental rules. In fact, I encourage everyone to go against them.

"I love free minds and free souls, and I love really beautiful things." Sunglasses are a small part of what I do, but I love designing them with beautiful lines and different shapes inspired by travel, music, or just beautiful things. "I love to create art without any kind of restrictions, something like you would find in an incredible dream." "This is my passion and how I like to live my life." "I really don't live in the same reality as most others."

Jesse Walker