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About The Quality Of ENKI Sunglasses

The big difference with ENKI is our originality and craftsmanship

From the inner ethereal world of design to the outer physical world of the visible

The biggest difference between ENKI sunglasses and most other brands is truly our originality in design and that they are first born invisible, then hand-sketched and brought into form, from the ethereal to the visible, through a process that takes around 6 months and many hands to do so.

We do not make our eyewear from lightweight plastic, which is mold-injected, mass-produced, and breaks easily. All ENKIs are "handmade," which is the most premium A-grade quality you can find in eyewear. The uniqueness and quality of ENKI sunglasses are second to none; they are also highly durable and can last for years if taken care of, which is why they are priced so high. 

Give yourself a custom fit with ENKI

ENKIs are engineered with a small metal rod inside the temple, which allows the arms to be bendable so you can give yourself a custom fit. This is one of the huge differences between handmade eyewear and lightweight, cheap-quality eyewear.

Tested to Australian Standards

ENKIs are tested to Australian standards (AS/NZS 1067:2003), which are the most rigorous in the world. Sunglasses tested to these requirements offer more UVR protection than eyewear tested to international standards, so by wearing ENKI, you're guaranteed your eyes have the highest level of protection against UVR damage. All ENKIs use premium-quality category 3 CR-39 lenses, which protect you from 100% of the sun's harmful UV rays.