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About Enki v2

Describing themselves as beautiful, soulful, and unique, Enki was born from a desire to do things differently. Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2011 by Jesse Walker Enki has become a brand that is sought after and celebrated for its unique approach to design and branding. For over 10 years, they have made some serious noise through powerful photographic stories, which have earned them a loyal following of die-hard fans. 

With imagery of exotic tribes and the famous rebel Marisa Papen wearing their avante-garde eyewear, Enki has sparked a revolution of wild individualism, and the fact that there has never been a standard campaign shoot with a typically styled model has a profound message if one can see it deeply enough. 

Offering something to their wearers that is entirely different from every other brand out there. Not only is it something original, but it's the feeling of wearing Enki that connects you deeply to the heart of the story, inspiring self-expression and the celebration of your own individuality. People all over the world fall in love with Enki purely because they feel the authenticity and free-spiritedness radiating from the brand. 

With core values based around originality and earth-friendliness, all Enki’s are designed in-house and start as a rough sketch. Identifiable by their unique shapes and colours, they are also known for their durability and high-end craftsmanship, which they pride themselves on, and a pair can last for many years if taken care of. Meticulously made, the majority of the construction is done by human hands, even the polishing. Enki’s are also made of cellulose acetate, which is plant-based and classified as eco-friendly because it can be recycled if disposed of correctly. 

Enki's choice of lens is the CR-39, which is 100% UV-proof, lightweight, and shatter-resistant. They also have the ability to bend light seamlessly for crystal-clear vision.

All in all, Enki's also retain a look of timelessness because of their originality. Nothing is designed to follow trends, so when you have a pair, you will stay unique even as the trends keep changing around you.