When founder, self-taught artist, designer and photographer Jesse Walker fell in love with travelling a long time ago, he decided to embody the nomad spirit and, with intense passion, began exploring far off lands and documenting his experiences with a small Fujifilm digital camera. After directing the first two ENKI campaigns in Africa and then India, he became inspired to learn how to shoot on a professional level, so he began to teach himself, learnt the craft and now shoots all the campaigns you see today. The most recognised being with activist and nude expressionist Marisa Papen where they made global headlines for a series of campaigns set against some of the world's most famous icons.

"I was travelling so much when I was younger, at first, it was to surf, but then it was for the culture; it was a whole new colourful and intriguing world. It was intoxicating, and I never wanted to stop. Places like India and Morroco were a total sensory overload, and the people so magnetic. It was a spiritual journey for me, and I was seeking; I wanted to know the world, I wanted incredible experiences.

I would take my tiny Fuji 20 megapixel digital camera around and do portrait photography. That's how I learned to direct and shoot, and it's what inspired the concept for our later campaigns. I loved travelling to exotic places and connecting with people. Even into so-called danger zones, I felt more at home out of Australia than in. I remember I would come back and be on such a high; then, after about a week, my energy would slump, and that's when I knew it was time to leave again.

I remember the inspiration for our first campaign; I had an African tribal book with a photo of a guy from the Danesh tribe Ethiopia; at that stage, I was still used to shooting on an entry-level camera, but I knew exactly how I wanted the shots to look, and after researching how to get to tribes, the first ENKI photoshoot was set. I took my friend, who was a wedding photographer, and I directed. We ended up deep in the Omo Valley Ethiopia with the Mursi tribe and had the wildest and most incredible time with so many amazing stories.

For our second campaign, we both travelled to India, hired a bus in Pushkar and drove into the Rajasthan desert with some incredible Kalbellia tribe women and photographed them every day at sunrise, mid-day and sunset. These shoots are never easy but always so rewarding. I've made so many close friends who, to this day, I'm in touch with, all of our muses that have featured in our shoots I still talk to regularly.  These first two ENKI shoots are still my most favorites.  

I always found travel liberating and the people so naturally beautiful in the places I would go to. When you get out and explore, you have incredible experiences. The more I travel, the more I see how amazing the world and its people are. I'm always inspired to capture this in a photo. Freeze the magic, and create something extraordinary." Jesse Walker


Self-portrait, Bali 2022