In a world of conformity, it's refreshing to see a brand that is unapologetically different. ENKI is a label that celebrates individuality and self-expression. Founded in 2011 by self-taught artist, designer, and photographer Jesse Walker, ENKI is an Australian brand renowned for its unique eyewear and incredible photographic stories. From controversial campaigns featuring nude activist Marisa Papen to beautiful editorials shot in some of the most remote locations on earth, ENKI is all about celebrating difference. ENKI stands out as a brand that embraces individuality in a world where everyone is trying to fit in. If you're looking for a label that challenges the status quo, then ENKI is definitely worth checking out.

ENKI's mission is to empower people to live fearlessly and follow their own hearts.  

Marisa Papen Cappadocia Turkey
Photo Jesse | ENKI