The message is clear, get on for the ride of your life or get off quick. It's all about disruption, rebellion, and beauty in whatever form you interpret that to be. It's about freedom and embracing your true self. It's about beauty, but what you or we call beauty may be something entirely different to what we're taught to believe.

Inspired by nature, ancient cultures, travel, and the rawness and wildness of the tribal world, and we won't forget the tropics and the Mediterranean sun. ENKI fuses elegant shapes with a range of hypnotic colours, to create something sublime and chic, something that people instantly crush on.

After receiving huge global press for their highly controversial campaigns in Africa, Egypt, Turkey & Italy in front of the worlds biggest icons, Jesse Walker the creative director, designer and photographer of ENKI, says his sunglasses designs are a by-product of his own personal journey which he says have taken him to the countries he shoots in.

The juxtaposition of styles, colours and wild photo shoots have become the signature of the brand and given ENKI the colossal cult following they have earnt literally of blood sweat and tears which has become the DNA of the ENKI label.

Where does ENKI create?

Bali, the divine wonderland that ENKI calls home. It's where we hide from the outside world. It's where we dream. The land of perfect waves, perfect tans and blazing tropical sunsets. Some hunt for perfect surf and others come to be set free. It's a mysterious island of volcanic black sand beaches with turquoise crystal waters, swaying palm trees that intrigue and long salty hazy days with warm balmy nights. If you could run away to a tropical island, would you?
ENKI is an Australian label that now resides somewhere in paradise.



Photography ENKI