He is no stranger to controversy and is probably best known for being arrested for taking pictures of naked models in front of the worlds biggest icons, including the Vatican and Egypt. His repertoire of nudity and bravado are now legendary. His photos have received global press and made headlines all over the world for their beautiful and controversial style, but the imagery is not only about nudity and disruption. It's also about showing the beauty and intrigue of other cultures. Coming from an artistic background, it was only natural Jesse would be not only designing the sunglasses, but also creating all of the label's campaigns. After directing the first two ENKI campaigns in Ethiopia (2013) and India (2015), he then went on to learn photography and now shoots all of the imagery you see today.

"I hope people find joy from my imagery and feel a particular type of wonder." Jesse Walker.



ENKI fuses elegant shapes with a range of hypnotic colours, to create something beautifully sublime and something that people instantly crush on. The juxtaposition of styles, colours and wild photoshoots have become the signature of the brand and given ENKI the huge cult following earned literally of blood sweat and tears which the label is best known for. When you're wearing ENKI, you're wearing one of the most amazing stories that's yet to be told, and you're also wearing the coolest sunglasses on the planet.



It's about freedom and embracing your true self. It's about thinking outside of the box, and It's about being you. It's about seeing the real beauty in people because real beauty is something entirely different from what we're taught to believe. The message can be seen in the imagery. It doesn't need to be put into words, it's beyond the spoken language. I ask people to look at what I'm saying through an image and feel something magic. I love to create beautiful visual journeys. An ENKI image speaks to the soul, and it speaks a universal language that we all innately have within us."



"I love to connect with the people and places that I shoot in. My favourite thing is to shoot with everyday people and listen to their stories. I've always had a deep love and fascination for other cultures and the ancient world. I love the wild gypsy and tribal cultures of the planet and most definitely the tropics and the Mediterranean. You will always find one of these themes in an ENKI image."


Bali, the divine wonderland that ENKI calls home. It's where we hide from the outside world. It's where we dream. Long hazy days with warm balmy nights. The island of perfect waves, dark tans, and blazing tropical sunsets. Some come for the surf and others come to be set free. It's a mysterious land of spirituality, magic and black sand beaches filled with swaying palm trees that intrigue.