With hypnotically evocative imagery, beautifully detailed designs, and a message that asks you to become magic and celebrate your divine uniqueness. ENKI captures your imagination and draws you into a world of wild photoshoots, tribal intrigue and mysticism. ENKI is a truly unique label with a mystique that makes them much more than just a sunglasses brand. In fact, ENKI is a philosophy.

"It's a state of consciousness. It's a spiritual trip of seeing through the illusion and awakening into the deep reality of magic in this incredible experience we call life." ENKI

"It's simply about creating incredible art with zero limitations. I have a deep fascination with the arts, philosophy, culture, mysticism, the ancient world, the divine feminine, and African tribes, and you can see some or all of these elements in an ENKI design or image.

I'm a deeply spiritual person, and its really about my journey as a seeker and an artist. It's about finding and refining myself while on a pilgrimage that has taken me to many distant lands, and I've experienced many incredible things, from staying with remote African tribes to the gipsies of the Thar desert India and the Berbers of the deep Sahara desert in North Africa.

I love the element of risk and danger, and I've walked the razor's edge so close to it so many times in so many of these places, the most recent being in Niger, where we travelled through a complete red zone close to the border of Lybia to reach the illusive Taureg tribe, the blue people of the Sahara Desert.

If I wasn't doing this, I would be living in Africa or Turkey, following the path of a mystic. As of now, this is it, and I truly believe ENKI is here to awaken people to the beauty of culture, to their divinity and to the magic which is around us and inside of us at all times. Welcome to the mystical world of ENKI." Jesse Walker.

After directing the first two ENKI campaigns in Ethiopia (2013) and India (2015), Jesse then went on to learn photography and now shoots all of the imagery you see today.

"All ENKI'S are works of art, and because of the nature of art, sometimes these small masterpieces need extra time to be worked and perfected, to take on a persona of their own. Fusing magic, art and philosophy, ENKI is more than just a sunglasses brand; it's a way of thinking and being, and this what ENKI is all about." Jesse Walker. 

The Tuareg Tribe, Sahara Desert Niger Africa 2020
Creative Direction & Photography Jesse Walker