Our Design Philosophy is simple, It's about doing things in our own unique and special way, and this is really what ENKI is all about.

Innovative is introducing or using new ideas or methods, original and creative in thinking.     

All ENKI's start out with a rough sketch. Sometimes it's intuitively drawn directly from the artist by feel without any outside source of reference or other times, and the lines can be inspired by nature or maybe a beautiful curve taken from an old speed boat in Venice or the shape of a sports car window. Anything can inspire an ENKI shape, even poetry and music.  

Stylish is high quality in appearance, design, fashionably elegant and sophisticated.

ENKI is all about style, whether it's the placement of the brushed gold detailing or capturing the vibe of the Mediterranean in the tones and textures we use. It's always about creating something exceptionally cool that elevates your vibe.

Craftsmanship is the skill that someone uses when they make beautiful things with their hands.

When you hold a pair of ENKI's, you can feel the quality, and with over ten years of skin in the game, we do know our stuff. With a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we're now crafting some of the highest quality frames around that are and over 70% made by hand using premium lenses, plant-based acetates and high-grade stainless steel. When you wear ENKI, you really are wearing some of the finest eyewear around.