Inspired by liberated souls, tribal culture and a deep passion to explore, ENKI takes you on a journey into a very different world of intriguing creativity, where you'll see art fused with culture in a whole new way.  
Whether it's rebel nude expressionists or remote tribes like the African Mursi of the Omo valley, the Kalbellia snake dancers of the Thar desert India or the nomadic Taureg tribe, the blue people of the deep Sahara. Your imagination is captured and soaring into a world of wanderlust, wild photoshoots and colourful stunning beauty that many may never see. 

ENKI is truly a unique label with a mystique that makes them much more than just sunglasses. The brand was built on a dream. It's the story about the hearts longing for adventure, to travel into the unchartered, to travel the unknown, and to create timeless and incredible art with the amazing souls they meet along the way. Welcome to the colourful world of ENKI.   

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