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Why We Don't Use Synthetic Dyes or Leather?

Synthetic Dyes Are Extremely Hazardous

Synthetic dyes are manufactured with chemicals that are extremely hazardous to both humans and the environment. The main issue is that synthetic dyes need a lot of water to be produced and applied to the fabric. Water is frequently depleted in locations near dye manufacturers, particularly in China, India, and Indonesia. At the same time, the chemical waste from those facilities is frequently just dumped into waterways.

The effects of large dye factories can be seen most visibly in South Asian rivers, where the water takes on the colour of the dyes generated in the factory. Because of the chemicals dumped into rivers by manufacturers, the soil in which people grow their food becomes toxic as they use this water for farming. Fish and plants are likewise impacted and are unable to flourish in them.

We believe in natural beauty and wish to make the world a better place! As a result, we avoid using synthetic colours in our products. Instead, we use natural colours made from plants. This way, we avoid the issues that are connected with chemical dyes. Every day, we take care of our natural environment, which is vital to us and all other living things on the planet. We believe that everyone, regardless of where they live, should be able to enjoy clean water, fresh air, and nutritious food.

The Leather Industry Funds Animal Slaughter

Leather is not a byproduct but rather a lucrative co-product that funds animal slaughter. Animals in the leather supply chain are frequently maimed and slain in gruesome ways, owing in part to a lack of animal protection laws in major leather-producing countries. The slaughter of animals is often horrific. In the world’s largest leather producer, China, many animals are still killed by being beaten to death with iron rods or thrown into boiling water while they are still conscious.

"ENKI ECO opposes the use of anything that hurts the environment, animals, humans, or their natural habitats. Simply put, If it's not good for you or the environment, don't go there."

Founder Jesse Walker