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Enki x The Kalbelia Tribe

There's always a lot of magic around Enki because that's how they see this world; that's how they make the impossible possible.

Early in Enki's career, creative director Jesse Walker and photographer Sarah Christensen set out on a journey to India to find their wild soul muses and photograph them wearing Enki. Jesse's vision of goddesses wearing electrically colourful saris, bindis, and Indian punk jewellery took them to far northern India, Rajasthan, the land of wild snake charmers, gypsies, and Kalbelia dancers.

After landing at the end of the season in Pushkar, they searched for days and days until a local asked what they were looking for. When Jesse showed him a photo on his phone of an Indian woman with green eyes, the guide immediately said he knew her she was Papu Devi and guided them directly to her small bazaar. It was around a thirty-minute tuk-tuk drive away. What are the chances in a country of around 1.4 billion and a town of 21,000 people? Jesse said he'll never forget that moment when they walked into her shop and came face-to-face with her, showing her the photo on his phone while they all laughed.

Soon after, they found two other Kalbelias, both sisters, who sold jewellery on the streets both wore incredible colours, with one wearing silver nail polish and the other a black triangle on her forehead to show her love for Kali. Moorea and Santi.

They were set, hired a car, and a driver, and soon found themselves journeying deep into the Thar desert with the three Kalbelias. With only one camp still open and around a week to burn, they shot sunrises and sunsets to capture some of the most powerful campaign imagery ever to be seen. This is Enki, and this is their story; they don't ask permission, they don't follow trends, and they create in their own unique way. There are no cliche model shoots, no stylists, and no huge setups. Just nature, the tribe, and a whole lot of soul, and this is what makes them so authentic and inspiring.

Concept and creative direction Jesse Walker. Photography by Sarah Christensen.