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Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India 

ENKI x The Kalbelia Tribe⁠

Early in Enki's career, creative director Jesse Walker and photographer Sarah Christensen set out on a journey to India to find their wild soul muses and photograph them wearing Enki. Jesse's vision of goddesses wearing electrically colourful saris, bindis, and Indian punk jewellery took them to far northern India, Rajasthan, the land of wild snake charmers, gypsies, and Kalbelia dancers.

The big difference with Enki is our uniqueness

Rebel Hearts and Wild Souls

Enki is all about radical self-expression with zero boundaries. A total rebellion against the mundane and meaningless, against following and fitting in. We're not about that. We're in your face, about the colour of culture, about revolution, controversy, and getting into trouble. We're about something very different from everything else out there.

Originality and Uniqueness 

The big difference with Enki is our uniqueness, It's always been about doing things differently, whether it's our designs or photoshoots or vibe we want to give people. We're truly for those liberated souls who choose to live in this world their own way.

Creativity, Design, and Craftsmanship

It's about a kind of creativity that's unique, that's without limits, and that looks different. It's about exquisite craftsmanship and being inspired by different things, so it's infused and reflected in the things we create. It's about beautiful designs for beautiful souls.

Exploration, Tribal and Ancient Cultures

Enki has always been inspired by the story of travel, exotic cultures and by the people we meet along the way. It's why we photograph tribes wearing our sunglasses. We were never drawn to the same kind of imagery that we are told and taught to think is beautiful, that you see over and over again with brands. Actually, for us, it's soulless and disempowering to people. All we wanted was to find the most colourful tribes and show them to the world because, for us, these ancient cultures are infused with a kind of beauty that is so powerful and so magic that is entirely intoxicating.

Nature and Earth-Friendliness

What could be more precious than Mother Earth and its ancient cultures? Inspired by its power and beauty, Enki continually recharges in nature to create the beautiful pieces that you see here. We ask all to be aware of the dangers of hurting our mother and the impact that it has on not only her but all of us. It’s now time that we all start to become more conscious of our day-to-day habits and make an effort to all be more earth and people-friendly. Enki Eco Nidaba Men’s and Women’s Extra Large Duffle Bag

The small story of Enki Eco

Handcrafted. Botanically Dyed. Cruelty Free.

In need of something entirely different from before, about a year ago, we began designing bags and coloring them naturally with plants here on the island of Bali. Along the way, we were taken to chemical dye houses that back onto the riverways, and we immediately became aware that we couldn't be a part of poisoning the precious waterways here.

Refusing to place money over Mother Earth took us on the amazing journey of dying botanically.

An incredible amount of time has been invested to develop our signature look into bags, and finally, Enki Eco Engineered Goods is here, and it’s something we are all very proud of.