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About Enki

When Enki first began making waves, it was for a style of art that they proudly pioneered. Campaigns that featured tribes wearing their sunglasses and not the typically styled models.

Exploring remote locations in Africa and India, they would find exotic and colourful locals and photograph them adorned with their avant-garde-style eyewear. For the founder, Jesse Walker, they were his ultimate muses and inspiration. It wasn't just for the shots, it was also about the journey and a love of travel and cultures. It was a dream time, and the deep connections they made are reflected in the stunningly beautiful images they captured.

Not long after, fate intervened, and two gigantic creatives clashed, the founder, Jesse, and the famous rebel, Marisa Papen. What unfolded was more revolutionary art. Outside-the-box photoshoots that made global headlines quickly solidified the brand's reputation as the wildest on the planet, and Enki proudly declared itself the cult of rebellious hearts.

Enki's source of inspiration is drawn from exploration, Mother Earth and her wild tribes, and a genius that refuses to do anything that's done in the same mundane and repetitive way that's continuously flashed to us. For Enki, it's always been about an image and vibe that's entirely different from every other brand out there, and it's about getting away from the same shoots and designs that the majority spew out.

Whether it's their campaigns or designs, there is so much magic in them, and they are always doing something entirely different from everything else. If you can see deeply, you'll also pick up that the imagery has a very profound message to it.

Enki’s way of doing things is all about authenticity and radical self-expression without boundaries. They don't ask for permission. It's really about their signature style that's beautifully unique and powerfully soulful.

Welcome to the intriguing and colourful Enki.