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How Our Bags And Accessories Are Made?

Botanically Dying The Canvas

To begin, we use superior heavy-duty canvas and cotton that have been hand-dyed with plants by a small group of artists. This method is completely eco-friendly and sustainable, with one hectare set aside for the cultivation of the numerous trees whose leaves and bark we use as the major elements in this procedure. We utilize mango leaves for yellows, sappan wood bark for reds, mahogany leaves for browns, indigofera leaves for blues and umbrella leaves for black. Using only these five colours, we can produce a vast spectrum of hues.

Natural dyeing takes a bit more time than synthetic dyeing since the colour must be removed from the leaves by harvesting, drying, and boiling them for five to six hours. However, it is reasonably easy to execute, there is no need to cut down trees to allow them to grow, and the eco-friendly method composts the residual leaves.

After colouring, our fabric is hung out on bamboo racks and allowed to air dry in the shade, nourished by the Indian Ocean's sea breeze. The material develops a wonderful texture and stone-washed look as it dries, and each bag, garment, and accessory is absolutely unique due to the distinct effect of the botanicals. There are no two alike.

Engineering The Bags and Accessories

The materials are then delivered to our small group of Javanese artisans, who craft our products from the ground up using traditional methods to create the beautiful pieces you see.

ENKI Eco-Engineered Goods use AGS bronze hardware for our zips and buckles, and we up-cycled all of our leftovers for padding; and brand with Matsui's environmentally friendly water-based inks.

We are committed to being environmentally friendly as well as highly sustainable.