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How our Bags are Made

Botanically dying the canvas

To begin, we use premium heavy-duty cruelty-free canvas, which is hand-dyed by a team of skilled artisans who use the bark and leaves of trees that are harvested by farmers here in Bali. 

This process takes a lot longer than synthetic dying because the colour must first be extracted from the organics by harvesting, drying, and boiling for around five to six hours. This method is 100% eco-friendly because the natural dyes are non-harmful to the environment and there is no need to cut down the trees. The leftover leaves are also composted.

After botanically coloring the material, it's hung out on bamboo racks in the shade and air-dried by the sea breeze of the Indian Ocean. As the material dries, it develops a beautiful texture and stone-washed look because of the botanicals. This process makes each Enki Eco creation entirely unique. There are no two alike.

Engineering the bags

The materials are then delivered to our team of Javanese master tailors, who engineer the bags from the ground up using traditional methods. We also use premium-quality AGS brass buckles, studs, and clips for all of our hardware and up-cycled leftovers for all of our cushioning. 


Our labels

Certified, environmentally friendly water-based inks are used for all of our Enki Eco branding.

Our guarantee to you

Enki Eco is 100% committed to being earth and people-friendly. We are also dedicated to creating the most stylish, long-lasting, and durable bags, so we offer a two-year guarantee on all of our workmanship.