About ENKI Eco-Engineered Goods by Jesse Walker

ENKI Eco-Engineered Goods focuses on creating sustainably made, botanically dyed bags, garments, and accessories that are earth- and people-friendly.

"The ENKI Eco-Engineered Goods concept is something I've fallen in love with because of the way each piece looks and feels, and the story of why and how we do what we do." "It's inspired by the idea of beautiful accessories that don't harm us or the planet, Bali's extraordinary creativity, and an edgy design philosophy. Each bag, garment, and accessory is ethically crafted by local artisans from heavy-duty canvas that's been 100% naturally coloured from the bark and leaves of sustainably grown trees." This process gives the material an amazing vintage texture and stone-washed look, making every piece completely unique. There are no two alike."

Founder: Jesse Walker